The conception of Olive & Co came from having always been awe inspired by the beauty in nature, and how it permeates our everyday lives; culture; style; and embracing our femininity.

Our ethos is a simple one, everyday is exquisite, and therefore the things we surround ourselves with should be too.

For us, to create a wonderful ambiance whether it be for an intimate dinner party or a more lavish event, is paramount as it enhances these special moments; after all, we are products of our environment.

Tablescapes, Event Styling & Production

From sexy bohemian scenes whether it be at your table or on set, Olive & Co's boutique event styling service is uniquely tailored to our individual clients needs.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your next event, production and more.

We are here to help!

The Olive & Co team

EMAIL: info@olive-and-co.com
INSTAGRAM: @byolive_co